Massachusetts Democrats believe that the Commonwealth’s transportation and infrastructure systems are a public responsibility and common good, and should be safe, efficient, reliable, accessible, and cost-effective. We believe that our system of roads, bridges, ports, airports, transit, bike paths and walkways should be upgraded to 21st century standards, well-maintained, and built to promote economic development, connect workers with jobs, and knit together our communities throughout the commonwealth. We believe that transportation investments should promote the creation of housing development and employment opportunities, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving our natural and cultural landscapes. Massachusetts Democrats Support:
  • A multi-modal transportation system that equitably distributes the infrastructure and costs of building, operating, and maintaining the system;
  • Increasing, modernizing, and maintaining the affordability of public transportation alternatives;
  • Multi-modal and congestion pricing mechanisms to improve mobility and relieve congestion;
  • Acknowledging the intersection between transportation and public health;
  • Investments in roads and bridges to address decades of neglect;
  • A transportation system that is environmentally conscious, lowers our dependence on foreign and environmentally destructive sources of energy, and is protected against the effects of climate change and rising sea levels; and
  • Investments to upgrade and maintain in good repair our clean and waste water infrastructure systems.