Massachusetts Democrats believe that all working people – regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, race, religion, income, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, immigration or refugee status – should have the right to quality, family-sustaining jobs that provide a living wage, and access to education and training to make them employable and contributors to a healthy economy. We believe that the an essential part of an effective strategy to grow the middle class is to help people get out of poverty and promote economic equality by encouraging collective bargaining, increased unionization, and shared and employee ownership.

Massachusetts Democrats Support:

  • The strengthening, enforcement and creation of laws guaranteeing all workers the right to organize, bargain collectively and strike;
  • The enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act and the strengthening of the National Labor Relations Board and of the National Labor Relations Act;
  • A decent living wage for all workers, the state’s Prevailing Wage Law and Responsible Employer Ordinances, the use of Project Labor Agreements, a minimum wage that is increased and indexed to inflation, and equal pay for women;
  • Promotion of a healthy and secure workplace for all workers through the strengthening, enforcement and creation of O.S.H.A. protections and other current and proposed laws and regulations.  There should be wage, worker protection, anti-bullying, and anti-discrimination laws that apply to both public and private sector workers;
  • The strengthening, enforcement, and creation of laws to discourage and prohibit the outsourcing of Massachusetts jobs to states and countries with lower labor standards, and that prohibit the use of public funds to pay for the services of union avoidance consultants;
  • Increased assistance for job training, workforce development, and job creation programs; and
  • The creation of laws and regulations making high-quality health care accessible to all Americans, and the right of workers to take time off to seek medical care for themselves or their family members without risk of losing their jobs.