Massachusetts Democrats believe in a decent home and a suitable living environment for every resident.  This goal cannot be attained without a commitment to address the need for affordable housing. We believe in policies which support people on all steps of the housing ladder, and especially those people who are not yet on the first step: the homeless and all those who cannot afford to rent or buy suitable housing. We believe that public-private partnerships are effective solutions to the housing challenges we face.

Massachusetts Democrats Support:

  • Upgrading the existing rental housing supply and efforts at all levels of government to encourage the production of new rental units;
  • Policies that support transit oriented development;
  • Increased funding for additional rental assistance and low-income housing opportunities statewide;
  • Increased efforts to protect landlords and tenants against bias, discrimination, and unfair practices;
  • Public and private sector partnerships to support workforce housing ownership programs; and
  • Adequate funding for homeless assistance programs, with a special attention paid to our disabled veterans.